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KWI Money Market Fund

11.6627 + 0.0017
11 August 2022

Fund Feature

Fund type

An open-ended money market fund

  • Risk Level
    Low to Moderate Risk: 2
  • Registered Capital Size
    Baht 2,000 million
  • Inception Date
    20 February 2008
  • Fund Maturity
  • Offer / Switch In
  • Bid / Swithc Out
  • Asset Size

Renamed from Manulife Strength-Money Market Fund (MS-MONEY) More details

Investment policy

The Fund shall invest in financial instruments, debt instruments and/or cash deposits and/or other assets as specified by the Office of the SEC.  For domestic investment, the Fund shall invest in instruments which maintain an investment grade rating as specified by the Office of the SEC.  
The above securities must be payable at call or at sight, or have a maturity date of no longer than 397 days from the investment date; and the portfolio duration at any period must not exceed 92 days.

The Fund may invest not exceeding 50 percent of its Net Asset Value in debt instruments offered for sales abroad.  It may also enter into a foreign exchange swap and/or forward agreement for the purpose of hedging against foreign exchange risk, taking into account the maximum interests of the Fund and the Unitholders.  However, the Fund will not invest in or hold structured notes as assets of the Fund.

Dividend policy


Additional Infomation

Bloomberg and ISIN Code

* Investment involves risks. Investors should carefully study the product features, terms and conditions, performance and risk factors before making investment decisions. Past performance/Performance comparison to a capital market product is not indicative of future performance. For investment in the funds with offshore investment exposure and without full hedging of currency risk, investors may experience currency losses or profits, or get back less than their initial investment.

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