Fixed Income Fund


KWI Government Bond Fund 6M1

10.1518 + 0.0059
14 June 2024

Fund Feature

Fund type

Fixed Income Fund

  • Risk Level
    Low to Moderate Risk: 3
  • Registered Capital Size
    Baht 1,000 million
  • Inception Date
    28 August 2023
  • Fund Maturity
  • Offer / Switch In
  • Bid / Swithc Out
  • Asset Size

The Company shall notify the following information at least 10 business days prior to each Rollover Date.
   1) Order placement date for the subscription and/or redemption transaction and 
   2) Rollover date of each interval period

Investment policy

The Fund invests on average no less than 80% of its NAV in fixed income securities in Thailand or Offshore offerings such as T-Bills, Government Bonds, etc. issued by the government or the Ministry of Finance or the Central Bank. The remaining portion shall invest in fixed income securities and/or deposits with investment grade credit rating.

The Fund shall maintain its Portfolio Duration no longer than 6 months.

In case of offshore investment, the Fund may invest in derivative instruments for 
a fully hedging purpose.

Dividend policy


* Investment involves risks. Investors should carefully study the product features, terms and conditions, performance and risk factors before making investment decisions. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. For investment in the funds with offshore investment exposure and without full hedging of currency risk, investors may experience currency losses or profits, or get back less than their initial investment.

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