Thailand ESG Funds (ThaiESG)


KWI Thailand ESG Fund-A

8.9853 -0.2775
24 July 2024

Fund Feature

Fund type

An open-ended equity fund / Thailand ESG Fund

  • Risk Level
    Moderate to High Risk: 6
  • Registered Capital Size
    Baht 1,000 million
  • Inception Date
    13 December 2023
  • Fund Maturity
  • Offer / Switch In
  • Bid / Swithc Out
  • Asset Size
Investment policy

The Fund shall invest on average no less than 80% of its NAV in an accounting year in stocks listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and the Market for Alternative Investment (mai) that have been selected by the SET or other organizations or institutions recognized by the SEC Office as outstanding in terms of environmental and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) consideration and have passed the process of ESG integration investment analysis.

For the remaining portion of investment funds, the Fund may invest in stocks other than those mentioned above, hybrid instruments, fixed income instruments, deposits and/or investment units of mutual funds as well as other securities or assets as permitted by the SEC Office.  Furthermore, the Fund may invest in investment tokens issued under the Royal Decree on the Digital Asset Businesses, namely, green-project tokens, sustainability-project tokens or sustainability-linked tokens.  In this regard, the regulations pertaining to characteristics of the digital tokens shall be in accordance with the notifications of the SEC Office with approval of the Capital Market Supervisory Board.  (Investors can study additional details in the Fund’s Facts Section of the Prospectus.) 

The Fund may invest in other funds under management of the Management Company (cross investing funds) on average no less than 20% of its NAV in an accounting year.

Dividend policy

ThaiESG Capital Accumulation Class  (KWI ThaiESG-A) : None

* Investment involves risks. Investors should carefully study the product features, terms and conditions, performance and risk factors before making investment decisions. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. For investment in the funds with offshore investment exposure and without full hedging of currency risk, investors may experience currency losses or profits, or get back less than their initial investment.

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